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Thomas Hardie violin

1851 violin by Thomas Hardie modeled on a Joseph Guarnerius. Label is hand signed by the maker. Excellent condition. Nicely fluted F holes.

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hoyer bow

Exceptional violin bow made by Otto Hoyer, branded, Silver Mounted, 61 Grams. Octagonal. Excellent condition, strong, plays beautifully.

Otto Albert Hoyer, the bow maker from Markneukirchen was one of the best masters of his guild. He was called the "Pariser" ("the Parisian") and burnished the word on the sticks of his bows as a reference to his being a student of the great French bow maker Eugène Sartory. 

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c1895 Benjamin Patocka
1939 Sebastian Kloz
1851 Thomas Hardie
1916 Friedrich August Heberlein
c1920 Julius Heberlein
1936 Lorenz J Fisher
1925 Heinrich Th Heberlein, Jr
1927 Raymond Collenot
1933 Leon Mougenot